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Coming back [Tuesday,
August 18th, 2009]
Well im goin to start coming back to LJ =) so stay posted
Wants Him To Take It Off

Im alive [Wednesday,
March 28th, 2007]
wow it looks like alot of people are coming back to LJ!

Well i have been MIA i will up date later1
Wants Him To Take It Off

Long Time [Wednesday,
February 21st, 2007]
Sorry for my lack of updating! But 2 Jobs right now is kicking me in my ass lol i work crazy hours but i still hit up the clubs etc lol

heres a picture from last sat

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting</a>
Wants Him To Take It Off

Still Alive [Monday,
February 12th, 2007]
Im still alive ive just been busy! Ill post pictures and update later!

Im talking to this guy eric and im becoming happy
Wants Him To Take It Off

February 1st, 2007]
My ex bf is beyond harassing me and like stalking me! I have to change my cell phone number! i think im going to get a restaining order its that badddd now....

[3] Wants Him To Take It Off

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